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Gastric Erosion


This is the degeneration and minor ulceration of the lining of the stomach. Gastric erosion may cause black stools owing to the presence of blood. People with gastric erosion may vomit blood and become anaemic. Gastric erosion is caused due to over-production of acid in the stomach. Prompt medical attention is a must.

The stomach lining heals very fast - within 3 days. So switch to a liquid diet and avoid irritating food and medication prescribed for any other disease.

The most common cause is due to medication taken for some other condition, which may erode the stomach lining. Drugs prescribed for asthma or for arthritic conditions (aspirin), alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs bring about gastric erosion. Improper food, beverages and untimely eating can also cause lining erosion due to secretion of acid.

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