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Migraine Headache


This is a very severe, throbbing headache, usually on one side of the head and is accompanied by other symptoms. Early symptoms of a migraine attack may be nausea and disturbance of vision in the form of bright flickering lights. A severe, throbbing pain develops, often sited over one eye, nausea continues and there may be vomiting. The person is sensitive to light and sound, which makes the condition worse.

Migraine is a common condition and seems to be triggered by one or several factors. These include anxiety, fatigue, watching television or video screens, loud noises, flickering lights and some foods such as cheese and chocolate, and alcoholic drinks. There may be an inherited tendency for migraine and the most common time of onset is puberty.

Migraine responds very well to Acupuncture. Frequency and intensity come down within a few months. Migraine is mainly due to Yin Wind deficiency

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