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Case Histories - Patients speaks

Knee Pain

Irregular menses/ovarian cyst

Sciatic nerve

Wrist Pain

Severe thumb pain


Heavy Bleeding


Report by Mrs.D.Usha Rani,Course Participant-ACUPUNCTURE ADVANCE COURSE

I have joined Acupuncture Advance Course in January 2010. The course was conducted every Saturday morning for 2 hours out of which one hour for practical training with patients. During the practical we interact with the patients and discuss about the effectiveness of this Acupuncture treatment. Following two case histories impressed me and I want to report for our research records.

Case -1:


Patientís Name:Mr.B.R.Parthasarathy Mob No:9845056708
Age : 52 yrs

Mr. Parthasarathy visited Dr. Bhojraj along with his relative for consultation on 2nd January 2010. After the consultation he explained me the benefit he got from this simple acupressure and acupuncture therapy.

He was suffering from chronic headache for nearly 2 years and he had consulted several Doctors including the specialists in Neurology. No cure.

He had attended Dr. Bhojraj's basic course on Acupressure and also taken Acupuncture treatment for few sittings. To his surprise his chronic headache vanished within three weeks and did not relapse till date. He has been activating the preventing points for the ailment every day.

Also he had high cholesterol and he has been activating Liver reflex point in the palm, Liv - 1 & Liv. 3 points every day and found his cholesterol has become normal.

He bought the advance book on Acupuncture and worked on the pressure points as indicated in the book by himself and by his wife which has given great relief.

He consults Dr. Bhojraj as and when required and referred many patients to him for treatment.

September 2010



Patientís Name: Ms. B.Divya,D/O Mr.B.R.Parthasarathy
Age :26 yrs

Divya was suffering from severe back pain for long time and the X-rays / MRI indicated slip disc which required bed rest and physiotherapy. She was prescribed high dose of pain relieving tablet but there was no improvement.

Mr. Parthasarathy managed to bring her to Dr. Bhojraj from his house and she was having unbearable back pain. She was treated for slip disc with yin humidity reduction formula once a week for 3 weeks. She got relieved from the severe pain immediately on the first session and the pain almost vanished after 20 days. Now she is normal and attends to her work without any discomfort.

September 2010

Report by Mrs.D.Usha Rani,Course Participant-ACUPUNCTURE ADVANCE COURSE

MENOPAUSE-irregular period-great relief-surgery avoided !!!

Patientís Name: Ms.Shankari,Mob.No:9342020368
Age :51 yrs

Shankari was suffering from irregular periods and menopause. She used to get her periods once in 4 month with heavy bleeding. Her gynaecologist advised her to undergo surgery (hysterectomy). Due to her son's wedding she postponed her surgery.

Meanwhile she visited Dr. Bhojraj. Earlier she was taking treatment for Spondylosis and Varicose veins from Dr. Bhojraj. She was feeling better. So she explained her menopause problems to Dr.Bhojraj.

He treated her with acupuncture and showed her some pressure points around the ankles to do on her at home. After a few sittings she felt better.

She visited her doctor to get the date for her surgery and to fix the surgery. Since she did not get her periods she was advised to undergo scan and a few tests. Through the scan she came to know that her ovaries are shrunk and uterus wall has become thin. Then the doctor told her that she doesn't need to undergo surgery.

After that since Feb 2010 she did not get her periods . She is normal . Once her week she is working on her pressure points.

September 2010



Patientís Name :Mr. Sashidhar, Bangalore Ph: 9901643425.
Age :

One day my husband returned from his morning walk with a severe pain in is right lower back. He just came home and collapsed. Immediately we took him to an orthopedic specialist. After a scan, all the doctor told us that it is  just an inflammation in the muscle and gave him some pain killers to reduce the pain. After taking the medicines he did get some relief, but only till the effect of the tablet lasted. The pain kept coming back. He suffered for almost 2 weeks, and then the doctor put him on physiotherapy for 15 days. Again during the therapy he found relief but by evening the pain returned. It had affected his daily routines and also his state of mind. These orthopedic visits and treatment went on for about a month and we lost all hopes that his problem would ever get resolved.

Then, one of his colleagues suggested that we should meet Dr. Vijaya. We met her without any knowledge of the treatment/therapy. She treated my husband with acupressure and acupuncture. Though initially we were a bit reluctant whether it would help, it did wonders on him. He was back on his feet by 2 weeks. She not only gave him treatment at her place, but also taught us how we could do acupressure at our home. The body balancing techniques, single point therapies are just magic.
Both my husband and myself would like to thank Dr. Vijaya for solving our problems and getting us back to normal

Treatment for Mr.Sashidar : K10 increase formula as he had pain in the Kidney meridian

August 2010



Patient's Name: Ms.Vidya Sashidhar Ph: 9901643425.

I had a severe wrist pain from many months and had ignored it. Suddenly it became so bad that I found it difficult to move my hand. I took acupuncture treatment from Dr. Vijaya for about 3 weeks (5 sittings). Now I am fine and the pain is all gone.

Inspired by the treatments, I underwent a basic course in Acupressure and now I am able to treat my people for some small problems at home.

Both my husband and myself would like to thank Dr. Vijaya for solving our problems and getting us back to normal.

Treatment for Ms. Vidya : TW5 inc formula.

August 2010


Severe Thumb Joint Pain

Patient's Name: Ms. Padma

she was suffering from severe thumb joint pain one day and she could not move her thumb. She had taken painkiller tablets and it did not give her relief. I gave the treatment in the lung meridian for 5 sittings with a gap of one day. i.e Lu-7dec, Lu-8 inc, Lu-5 dec, p-5 dec.After giving the treatment pain has completely vanished and she became very happy.

This is not the first time she has got the thumb pain and she used to suffer for three months with this pain once she gets. Allopathic medicine has not cured her ailment and acupressure treatment has worked.

Treatment given by :Ms.Shwetha from Chitradurga,Karnataka
Reported by :Ms.Shwetha from Chitradurga, Karnataka
mail id:

August 2010



Patient's Name: Mr. Veerappa
Age:24 Yrs

He was suffering from sinusitis for the past 4 years. He used to get severe headache for 9-10 hrs in a day and sleeplessness due to this. Allopathic doctors advised for operation.I have given the following treatment and the very next day he has expressed good relief.

Treatment given :Lu 9 dec Lu11 inc Lu7 inc P7inc
Reported by :Ms.Shwetha from Chitradurga, Karnataka
mail id:

August 2010


Heavy Bleeding

Patient's Name: Ms. Parvathy Amma Mob 8904369896.

Ms.Parvatiamma is working for me since 10 years. In 2008 August she suddenly started bleeding very heavily. She was administered with some drugs which helped to arrest her bleeding. She regularly used to get bleeding heavily with every menstrual cycle and she continued the same medicines prescribed by allopathic doctor for controlling the bleeding.

In view of the continuous problem, Allopathic Doctor advised her to go through ultrasound test and it revealed fibroids. Subsequently she was asked to undergo Surgery , hysterectomy .She was upset and looking for alternate treatment to avoid the surgery. She believes in lot of home remedies and faith healing.

During that time , I had attended a one day workshop conducted by Pandit Yelchuri (who comes on Telegu Tv) and who is totally into herbal and ayurvedic remedies or all ailments.

He had suggested treatment for fibroids as listed below:

1. To activate the uterus on reflex point on palms.
2. Aloevera pulp 20 gms , jeera powder 1/4th tsp, turmeric 1/4th tsp., sugar that is in form of rocks (kalakanda) 1/2tea spoon.Clean the aloevera pulp at least 5-7 times and then rub it into the powder made with the above ingredients and just slide it into the mouth. Have this on empty stomach for 40 days. According to him all cysts will dissolve.
For over bleeding he prescribed ripe banana , 50 gms ghee. Mix it and mash it and eat slowly , 3 times a day as and when required.

I had read and understood from some authentic sources that red discharge have red hibiscus and white discharge have white hibiscus. I mentioned all these remedies to parvatiamma. She religiously administered the aloevera treatment for 40 days For about 8 months she had no problem. Then she got in to same problem of bleeding. She had administered red hibiscus flower three times a day and within 2 days her bleeding stopped. Sometimes she used to take the ripe banana with ghee and this also really helped.

Again after a couple of months she had some kind of tension and she faced the problem.
By that time I had attended Advanced Acupressure course with Dr. Bhojraj and understood the treatment for this kind of case. Thanks to his motivation, to begin treating ailments. I felt confident, using the needles and understood the meridians. He was very inspiring when he told us to use the book while treating. With this encouragement and confidence I took parvatiamma case and cured the ailment in three sittings

First sitting:10/7/10 at around 5 pm:

I was treating for fibroids as per the treatment in the book. dec Sp6, inc Liv 1, dec Lun 7, dec P7I put the seed in the ear at the uterus point. Also put the seeds at the uterus point at per Sujok. Worked on the reflex point for uterus. Told her to have her red hibiscus. She also started having her aloevera as prescribed.
Result : Next morning she said that for the whole night she was fine. But in the morning she faced the same problem

2nd sitting:11/7/10 , 5 pm

I then decided to think and what else to be done. It struck me to try out the menopause problems points as mentioned in the book as I felt that the bleeding will be not be due to fibroids but due to menopause.

Treatment given: inc K10, dec Sp6, inc Liv 1, inc P 3
I also put a seed on the palm at the uterus point. I recommended her to activate as per the reflex points. I did it for her and asked her to do it on her own.

3rd sitting:12/7/10 , 5 pm

She said that she was feeling much better. I gave her the same treatment like the previous day. Acupressure points, reflex points, Sujok and asked her to activate endocrine system workout.

She felt absolutely fine. She has not done her ultra sound again to check on her fibroids. Mostly the fibroids are not malignant and I understand that with the excess bleeding the patient should not become anemic.
For this purpose I see that she has greens in her food and 6 dates every day which are high in iron.

Reported by :Ms.Yogini Mehta,Bangalore Mob:9845027162
mail id:

August 2010


-Good effect through Acupuncture

Patientís Name : Ms.Padmini Priyadarshini,Bangalore
Age :

I have slip-disc problem for the past four and a half years and I came to Dr.Vijaya Seshadri with my back tilted towards my left. I found a lot of relief with the body balance. I used to stand straight soon after the balance was done. Within 4-5 sittings of acupuncture, I started doing all my household chores without my family membersí help!! (except lifting weight which Dr.Vijaya has forbidden me to do). Now, all my family members are depending on Acupressure for our day to day health problems. I also underwent Basic Course with Dr. Vijaya, which was a thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial experience. Even my 3rd Std. going son practices Acupressure in the hand for a few minutes as soon as he gets up.

Thanks a million to Dr.Vijaya Seshadri in this regard.

Treatment given: Sp6 dec  Liv 1 inc

 August 2010



Patientís Name: Ms. Renuka Raghavan,TANZANIA
Age : 55 yrs

I am 55 years old and basically a very active person.Suddenly I was confined to bed (first time in my life) because of unbearable knee pain.

My friend Mr.Ravi Shankar who is also in Tanzania gave me a book on acupressure and explained about the treatment he took from Dr.Jayalakshmi in Chennai and its positive results. To be frank, with hesitation, I took appointment from Dr. Vijaya over ISD call, and  contacted her in Bangalore. I found her a very nice person and she treated me with great care. Though I was taking Allopathic/Ayurveda treatments simultaneously, I am sure to say that 80% of the relief is because of the acupuncture treatment by Dr.Vijaya. I can vouch for it because soon after treatment each time I could feel the difference immediately.


August 2010


Knee Pain

Patient's Name: Smt.Gowramma

Smt. Gowramma, aged 81 years and resident of United States, was having problem with left knee for the last 6-8 years. Although she underwent treatment in US, her condition did not improve. The pain gradually increased and she was walking with help when she came to me for treatment.

Treatment was given for five sittings (SP-06(dec)  Liv-1 (inc) Lu-8(inc) P-7 (dec). Local point B-40 was also needled on alternate sittings. She got improvement with each sitting and at the end of the treatment, the pain had reduced by 75% and she was able to walk with confidence and without help. She was very happy with the outcome. Acupuncture treatment is a boon to elderly who are suffering from joints related problems.

Reported by :Dr.K.N. Suryanarayana Rao,Bangalore
Tel : 94490 41065 / 080 26687083
mail id:

August 2010



Patientís Name : Ms.Vidya Nadig, Bangalore Ph: 9448012684

Age :41 years

I met Dr.Vijaya at Eknath Bhavan, as I took yoga Therapy from her for my anxiety and restlessness problem. During one session, I got a catch in my abdomen area. Dr.Vijaya took my hand and pressed a point between my thumb and index finger which I later learnt was an acu-point called as Li-4. Immediately my catch vanished, and I was very much impressed!

Later I developed the problem of irregular menses. For about two and a half months, I did not get my periods. Scan reports also showed a cyst in my ovaries. My gynec put me on hormone therapy for three months and it got regularized. But soon again, later, I faced the same problem. This time my gynec said that the hormone therapy cannot be repeated again for now, and that may be my menopause has started. I am only 41 years though.

I remembered Dr. Vijaya and approached her. She treated me and the same evening, I got my menses. She had asked me to come back for treatment four days before my next date. I did this, and once again, I got my periods the very next day. To my astonishment, when I went for a check up again, my cyst too had disappeared.
Thanks to Dr.Vijaya and the acupuncture therapy for my health today.

Dr.Vijayaís Comments:   Dr.Bhojrajís method is indeed a boon to all. We have solved many difficult problems successfully, and even avoided surgery in many cases with his method. Today, so many are enjoying good health, due to his research work, thanks to my guru Dr.H.Bhojraj.

Treatment given: Sp6 (dec) liv1 inc lu7 dec P7 dec
                            B66 inc St 36 dec Gb41 incr TW 2 inc
This gives good results for all menses problems.

August 2010

Menstrual Irregularities

Dr. H. Bhojraj B.E. (Hons), M.D. (Acu), recommends activation of the spleen, which controls the uterus, to reduce pain and excessive bleeding during menstrual periods. The points SP6, on the inside of the ankle, and SP8, on the inside of the knee, are helpful. Additionally, LV3 and CV4 are advisable for this purpose. In amenorrhea, or lack of period, the kidney becomes involved since it is responsible for regulating the hormones estrogen and progesterone. The point K3, located below SP6 on the inside of the ankle, in conjunction with SP6 and SP8 can initiate the menstrual cycle.

REF:Acupressure Point Treatment for the Uterus