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Dr.H.Bhojraj MD (Acu)


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Acupressure/Acupunture treatment by Dr.H.Bhojraj - Video clips (Audio muted)


Warning:Acupunture treatment is to be done by qualified specialists only

The personal Acpuncture/Acupressure treatment video clippings of Dr.H.Bhojraj were kept open initially with the intention of spreading awarness of acupuncture treatment techniques for common ailments among public and at present have been intentionally blocked/restricted for viewing ,on specific request from beneficiaries/members cast in these clippings, to manitain confidentiality.

However,authentication for viewing specific video clippings related to treatment given by Dr.Bhojraj to those individuals attended the camp during Aug 2010 by Ms.Yogini Mehta,may be provided with prior approval from Dr.H.Bhojraj with e-mailid.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Cold,Cough,Digestion for children-Immunity

Allergy to chillies

BP and vomitting

General cold and cough

Constipation and nasal irritation

Cramps and swelling of foot

Heel Pain

Joint pains,body aches etc

Knee pain

Leg ankle pain

Leg swelling

Lifting of hands,headache

Mouth ulcer and throat pain

Multiple-Migraine-Headache etc

Neck pain



Throat irritation

Thyroid and knee pain

Vertigo problem

Wrist pain

Attention: You can contact Dr.H.Bhojraj through FACE BOOK - mail id: . Face book contact name :Bhojraj Hala Gowder

Contact: 080-23132103 , +91. 984.564.9914